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About NexSpring

NexSpring is a highly experienced team of mortgage and mortgage technology professionals who had a unique opportunity to develop a world-class fintech platform over the course of more than five years while simultaneously working as consultants and advisors to mortgage companies and private equity firms.

With a thorough understanding of the challenges facing mortgage operators of all sizes, and strong knowledge of the range of problems that could be effectively solved with robust modern technology, NexSpring patiently built a highly configurable, API-first, multi-tenant foundation with robust scalability, security and stability targets in mind.

Our end-to-end suite of core business engines enable us to uniquely power a best-in-class, collaborative borrower-facing origination system for local market entrepreneurs while simultaneously providing high ROI software as a service (SaaS) solutions to large-scale national mortgage lenders and financial institutions.




Digital Broker Origination Platform

The NexSpring Platform uniquely enables brokers to grow their existing businesses and enhance customer satisfaction by offering a high-tech digital mortgage platform experience to their borrowers.
The NexSpring Platform is integrated with multiple lenders, enabling brokers to seamlessly expand their access to competitive rates and product offerings by eliminating the need to transact on multiple complex lender sites.



  • Full digital mortgage experience

  • Online application, pricing and fulfillment

  • End-to-end collaboration; from pricing to closing

  • Multiple lender integrations

  • Lead management & acquisition

  • New broker support and services

  • Processing automation services - coming soon!

Digital Lender Origination Platform

  • Coming in 2021!

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Empowering the Entrepreneur


Software as a Service

NexSpring’s proprietary platform includes a broad set of discrete business engines including Pricing and Eligibility, Digital Point of Sale, enterprise-scale Workflow Management with integrated proprietary Document Repository and automated services, Lead Acquisition Management, and others.

Our proprietary configuration technology, coupled with our extensive mortgage operational experience, uniquely enables us to design and implement highly customized client solutions without the cost, extended timelines and on-going maintenance challenges of traditional custom development projects.  Components can be leveraged individually to meet specific client needs to provide configurable high-scale enterprise lending solutions.

If you are a high-scale mortgage lender or consumer bank in need of best-in-class modern technology solutions, contact us to see how we can help.





Affordable leading edge technology for local originators -highly scalable enterprise technology for lenders

Configurability, Speed, Scalability, Security

Our mission to disrupt the mortgage industry requires a solid foundation. From the earliest development forward,  our primary objective has been building a foundation for further development. We never compromised. From this foundation we built a broad suite of independent components including our world-class pricing engine and our workflow engine, among others. Our Platform is the product of both these foundational  elements and individual components, thus providing the basis from which we can now efficiently develop high-return solutions for the Mortgage and Financial Services industries.


Proprietary configuration systems designed for business users driving rapid deployment of new business rules into production in a highly transparent and controlled way.


Our modern solutions use the latest technology and techniques to deliver high-performing applications at large scale. Our proprietary combination of relational and noSQL data management paradigm uniquely solves for both the requirements for dependability of the large mortgage data set (relational) and speed of providing that data via API to our user interfaces (noSQL)."


The NexSpring technology team has a deep history working in high-scale money center banking organizations.  The same data management paradigm that supports our speed is also key to our scalability. Additionally, our solutions are multi-tenant from inception which provides for fluidly scaling both vertically and horizontally.



Our core modules have been designed to enforce best practices around security at a platform level. Our security is very granular and role based, providing the unique capability for multiple users with different roles to be on the same "screen" of a solution and have very different user experiences.This allows developers to bring products to market quickly without compromising security.


Our workflow management platform enables us to provide automation services such as OCR and Machine Learning to help our clients reduce operating costs and enhance customer service.

On top of our solid foundational components, the NexSpring Platform integrates into many other systems through APIs and Robotic Process Automation (RPA). We have used these components and integrations to build cutting-edge applications for the mortgage industry. 

FinTech Platform




Our Team 

NexSpring Financial’s team averages over 25 years of mortgage industry experience both as trusted advisors to leading private equity firms responsible for defining and executing mortgage market strategy and in senior level positions in large national lenders such as Prudential Home Mortgage, Wells Fargo, Citi Mortgage and Bank of America.

Key members of the NexSpring Financial team share the unique experience of having built and developed Nexstar Financial Corporation, a de novo mortgage lender and business process outsource services provider founded in 1999. Nexstar was successfully sold to MBNA in 2005, providing a strong return for shareholders. In addition, NexSpring has a highly accomplished, highly experienced Board of Advisors to help steer the strategic direction of The Company.

Our Executive Team
  • Michael J. Fabian

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Mark J. Besch

    Chief Operating Officer

  • John M. Hale

    Chief Technology Officer

  • Jeremy J. Moore

    VP, Director of Sales

Our Advisors
  • Marvin I. Moskowitz

    Advisory Board Member

  • Richard G. Thornberry

    Advisory Board Member 


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